Ear Bon Débarras’ new songs

On the road to their fourth album, Repères.

A new album is coming for Bon Débarras and here are the first occasions to ear their new songs. First, the group will present a showcase on February 18 at the Pub Murphy’s, during the Bourse Rideau OFFiciel de l’Agence Résonances. They will also participate at La grande veillée du Labo Trad at the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montreal on February 27.


BC Tour

January 29 – February 4 2020

The group Bon Débarras will begin 2020 with a beautiful tour in British Colombia. The trio will also record a brand new album in the coming weeks… Stay tuned!


Le loup de Noël

On Tour

Now that fall is here, Bon Débarras is getting ready for the 4th season of the show Le loup de Noël. With the storyteller Stephan Côté, the group will make you live the story of Griboux an old lonesome Laurentian wolf who has nothing to eat. Hungry, he goes down to the village on Christmas Eve, where he is attracted by the church lights… A story that brings us back to those times when the midnight mass and the « réveillon » were at the heart of the Christmas holidays.


Bon Débarras at Le Chaînon Manquant Festival

La Veillée Québécoise

Good news : Bon Débarras is invited by Le Chaînon Manquant, one of the most prestigious presenters network in France, to present a showcase during their annual festival in September. In collaboration with the caller Yaëlle Azoulay, the group will make people dance on their music during a special night called La Veillée Québécoise. The shows presented during the festival may then be integrated into the programming of the members of the Chaînon network, which generates more then 800 shows everywhere in France every year.
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