Bon Débarras’ folk music is deeply rooted in the memory of French-speaking America. On their guitars, banjo, uprightbass, accordion, washboard and harmonicas, and integrating foot percussion, jig and body percussion, the trio creates musical atmospheres that transcend boundaries and ages.

Tour 2014/2015

The trio had packed their suitcases for a series of 21 shows across the Atlantic, in Switzerland, France and United Kingdom. Upon their return, do not miss them in Montréal for «Noël dans le Parc» because they'll hit the road again for New Brunswick in January.
In Spring, the group is invited to several Children's Festivals in Ontario and Western Canada.
And besides, with a noteworthy appearance at the «Festival International de la Chanson de Granby» this year, Bon Débarras won a European tour of 25 shows that will take place in March 2016 !!! Click here to watch the video
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